“The Iceman”

Movie Review

Subconsciously, I must be on a Ray Liotta binge as of late because Iceman is the second movie of his that I saw in the month or so, but to tell you the truth, it’s really easy to forget that Liotta is even in the movie because it focuses so much on the Ice Man, Richard Kuklinski.

I didn’t even know The Iceman existed until seeing it on Youtube last month, but believe me, that takes nothing away from this movie. It came out in 2012, and Michael Shannon does an amazing job at capturing the audience, and taking us on this wild ride through the life and times of a real killer.

Richard Kuklinski was a hitman for hire, and killing was not only how he supported his family, but it actually became a way of life. Between the mid to late 60’s, and I think it was 1985 or 1986, Kuklinski is said to have killed between 100 and 250 people.

Ray Liotta plays a powerful a “mobster” in this film known in real life as Roy Demeo, who initially has a problem with the Iceman while Kuklinski was working in a pornogrhapy lab in Manhattan. After the incident, however, DeMeo is somewhat intrigued and interested in Kuklinski, and ends up putting him on his payroll as a hitman.

There really isn’t a dull moment in this movie, and honestly, I’m surprised that I was actually able to find such a quality copy available for free on Youtube, but I did, and I watched the entire movie, and I’d watch it again. It was that good.

What I find so interesting, is how the Iceman was able to consistently kill so many people over such a long period of time without getting caught. You want to talk about a journey through the mind of a madman, this guy could hack a person into pieces, and then go home and have dinner with his family. I couldn’t believe how he was able to keep his life of crime a secret for long. He did though.

Richard Kuklinski was in prison for 17 years, where he ended up dying at the age of 70 in 2005. I highly recommend this movie, and I garuntee you, before it’s over, in some weird way, you’ll be captured, and become sympathetic towards this monster.

We gave the Iceman Starring Michael Shannon, Winona Ryder, James Franco, Ray Liotta, and Chris Evans “5 Takes.”



Movie Review

Ray Liotta fans, if you haven’t seen the 2004 thriller, Control,Β it’s a must see.Β  Liotta plays a crazy sociopath, who ends up in the care of a doctor (WIlliam Defoe) who at first appears only concerned with the progression of his career and the promotion of an SSRI medication that’s supposed to completely change his patient’s interior, but by the end, they’re on the same team and both are trying to stay alive.

What really caught my attention is the scene when the doctor says, “back in the day they used to preform frontal lobotomies on people by slicing a portion of their brains off, but today, they do it in a more civilized manner, biochemically.”

With all the talk about SSRI’s today, I thought that was really interesting.

A must see.Β  I give it “five takes.”