Hey Frank, what is it that you believe in?

I believe in equality.  I believe in the Bill of Rights as guide to protecting us against an “overreaching government,” and I believe this country could be “magical” if everyone was on the same page.

Every time we get close to making some real progress in this country, “the establishment,” “the globalist,” or whoever or whatever you want to call them, brings us backwards.

How do we beat this?

We beat this by not participating in the narrative.  We beat this by being ourselves.  We beat this by being open and honest with ourselves.  We beat this by striving for equality.  We beat this by remembering there are a lot of other people in this country who aren’t white or black, and we’re all Americans.

We beat this by not allowing slanted media sources to pull at our heartstrings.  We beat this by staying neutral, understanding all viewpoints, and then making better decisions for ourselves.

We beat this by respecting other people’s opinions.  We beat this by not forcing change, but by accepting things for what they are.  I always say, we have to accept things for what they are, and not what we would like them to be.  Once we can do that, we can educate ourselves, become more informed, and then make the proper decisions for how we want to live, and who we want to surround ourselves with.

You can’t change people, people have to be willing to change themselves.  We are who we are.

We beat this by not going along with something if we don’t believe in it.  If you do that you’re hurting yourself.  You’re stopping yourself from growing.

We beat this by overcoming fear and doing what’s right.  The Black Lives Matter movement is not new.  I think it came out around 2018 or 2019.  People think Black Lives Matter was created for George Floyd, but it wasn’t.  It was way before.  Educate yourself.

When Black Lives Matter first came out, White Lives Matter quickly followed, and then somebody woke up and created All Lives Matter.  All Lives Matter stood strong until the George Floyd incident.

This is where we regressed.

Out of fear, perhaps, I don’t know I’m guessing fear, we “threw the baby out with the bath water” and everyone stood with Black Lives Matter.  Real people understand this.

It’s possible for two people of different ethnic backgrounds to hate and despise each other without it having anything to do with racism.

All Lives Matter!  Equality!  Truth!

We can all stand up and say the George Floyd incident was a display of racism, and as true as it may be, people will always debate that.

You cannot debate, however, the fact that George Floyd’s treatment was “Cruel and Unusual,” which falls under the 8th Amendment.  The government violated the constitution not the people.  We should be raising the American Flag in the face of those who violated it to remind them what they’re in service to uphold and protect, not burning it.


Police brutality or police violence, is legally defined as a civil rights violation where officers exercise undue or excessive force against a civilian. This includes, but is not limited to, physical or verbal harassment, physical or mental injury, property damage, and death.

Can’t all people be victims of police brutality and excessive force?




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