If You Care

People, if you’re going to sit in your house and allow yourself to be brainwashed by the television and the internet, than you’re really doing yourself a disservice.  The media shows you exactly what they want you to see.  I’m going to repeat that.  The media shows you exactly what they want you to see.

Go out and meet the people in your community.  Shop, go have lunch, and mingle.  Meet the people who live in your town, and start forming your own opinions about people.  There are a lot of good people out there, and there’s a lot of bad people, and you know what, they come in all colors and all ethnic backgrounds.

If you’re confused then rely on this, treat people the way you would like to be treated, and if they can’t do the same or they don’t do the same then get yourself some new friends.

I just saw a post on twitter early today, where someone was complaining about their town and how shitty it is.  They said their town was filthy and dirty.  One of the best things about living in this country is that we have the power to change what we don’t like in our cities and in our states.  Instead of complaining that your city is a filthy dirty mess, organize a cleaning crew and clean it up.  You live there!

If you have a problem with something that you feel isn’t right than write your pubic officials.  Make a sign and go protest.  Let your voice be heard.

Remember, our government is by the people for the people, so please, for a second, lets stop putting all the blame on our government.

Are we going to take any responsibility?

I just read that government centers in Allentown are going to open to the public on Monday June 22nd.  This would be a good time to start attending town meetings, meet your public officials, and see what’s going on.


Alright everyone, have a wonderful day.

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