Dating Apps, Sites, and “Groups”

I would like to offer a piece of valuable information, and this is for both guys and girls.  Especially, those guys and girls who have been single for quiet some time.

If you’re using a dating application, a dating website, or you’ve joined a singles group on some social media platform, look at the list below:

  • Your age (Just so you know you’re both 18 or over)
  • Your name (First name so they know what to call you)
  • A picture (so they know what you look like)

That’s it.

We’re POLICING EACH OTHER!  Don’t disclose anymore information about yourself until you meet the person.  There’s no reason to.  Set a date and time to meet.  Make sure it’s during the day, and in a public place with lots of people around.

How many people are you going to tell your life story to on a website?  You might disclose your most personal information 100 times before you get one date, and you don’t even know who you’re talking to.

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