The Books

It has been almost ten years since leaving my old place, and  before leaving, I clearly remember packing my books.  I had two small shelves filled with reading material, nothing big.  It was just a modest, but meaningful collection.

I carefully placed all of my books into a tote, and I placed the tote with the other boxed items that were ready to be moved.  Several days went by, and the unpacking was in full swing, but it wasn’t until I wanted to read something one day that I decided to look for that tote.

I couldn’t find it!  Every now then during the passing years, I’d go down into the basement and look for the books, but I didn’t see them.

I started thinking, “where the hell are those books?”  Maybe I forgot them?  Maybe I left them on the moving truck?  Maybe someone stole them?  I didn’t know.  I had no idea.

Three days ago a bird crapped on my shoulder, and people say that’s good luck.  I always believed that to be true as well, however, that particular day didn’t really seem lucky, but a day later, guess what happened…

I found the books!  They were in the tote exactly the way I packed them almost ten years ago.  It’s crazy.  I think about all those times I went into the basement to look for them, and saw nothing.  Even though they were my books, I guess it wasn’t time for me to see them.  How weird is that?

3 thoughts on “The Books

    1. Thank you! Lol, there’s two lucky poop scenarios that I know of. A bird pooping on you, I guess because you really have to be in the right place at the right time for it to happen, and the second is stepping in poop. Did you ever hear the saying “you stepped in shit.” Lol. Thanks for responding.

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