Road Raging On Pedestrians

I was walking down the street two days ago.  I was on the sidewalk walking in the direction with the traffic.  After almost a mile, I stopped at the corner to drink some water and catch my breadth.

There was a car stopped with its blinker on preparing to make a left hand turn.  The driver put her hand out of her window and waved me to go ahead and cross, but I was tired.  Like I said, I was catching my breadth and drinking water.

Eventually, she went, and as she made the turn she decided to put her window down and yell, “You have the right-away asshole!”

Now, if I could bring that woman back, I would say,

“You were so mad that I didn’t cross the street, you cursed at me, why?  I know I can cross the street,  I know I have the right-away-I’m a pedestrian.  I’ve been crossing street for 40 years, I understand the rules of the road.  If I waved you to go, but you decided not to, I wouldn’t have called you an asshole.  So tell me, why did that bother you so much, and why did you curse at me?”

You’re a grown woman, probably in your 60’s.  I don’t know where your anger is coming from, but please, don’t take it out on me.  Before we met at that exact crossing point, I had already walked a mile, but what I do is none of your business.

Maybe you need anger management classes.

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