Let Go

A clenched fist caused the world to pause,

Until it opened,

And people saw there was nothing inside.

Francis LaManna

Interesting times we’re living in.  It seems like everything that was normally down is up now; right is wrong, and it’s good to be bad.  What’s make this moment in history so special is that it seems like now more than ever, this universe-this amazing universe is urging us to become more-self reliant.

It seems like now more than ever, the universe want us to follow our hearts, or maybe, just go with that gut feeling, and the best part is that it’s offering rewards.  It’s very difficult to walk-away from something you’ve been with for a long time- be it a job, a relationship, or just throwing away possessions during your annual Spring cleaning, but I truly believe something greater awaits.

When you release your grip and stop clinging to what has always been, what you’ve always known, and what you’re now used to, you allow your life to unfold, and the only way to do that is by following your intuition and listening to your heart.

I know the world has been a crazy place lately.  Our televisions and computers have shown violence, crime, pandemics, and people walking around with doctor masks on, the world absolutely looks like a scary crazy place.  Taking a leap of faith into the unknown is last thing on most peoples’ minds, but the most difficult and challenging times produce the greatest rewards.

Anything is possible right now, don’t let fear prevent you from experiencing something that may never again be possible.  There are still good people in this world.

One thought on “Let Go

  1. Wow Frank! You are spot on with this one. I can relate to the freeing yourself by throwing away possessions. We recently let go of a HUGE roll off dumpster filled to the top with some of the things we held onto for years for no reason! Times are tough but what an uplifting post, stay healthy!


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