Book Analysis, “Lives Of The Master”

I don’t know what kind of books you’re all into, everyone has their own favorite genres of books, but if you’re into reincarnation as a topic, and you don’t mind reading a different variation about the life of Jesus, than I’d like to recommend Lives Of The Master.

I’m trying think of the best way of explaining what this book is about without losing you because it can be complicated. I don’t know if you’re familiar with the psychic Edgar Cayce, but this book is based off his readings. Cayce was known for his amazing ability to preform psychic readings and transfer divine information while in trance or under hypnosis.

Lives Of The Master, written by Glen Sanderfur, is dedicated to Jesus Christ as Jesus is recognized as just one of many incarnations, who throughout time, hosted the “master soul.” This book isn’t so much about the life of Jesus specifically, but rather the soul. Chapter one discusses Edgar Cayce, which of course is super important because the reader needs the background information concerning who he is, what he does, and how he does it.

Understand, the information Cayce gives us is psychically channeled so you won’t find it anywhere else, and not only that, it sheds some light on topics we, in a reality, don’t know much about. Chapter two is titled, Story of the Master, and it talks about the soul as an entity and God’s plans for creation, which ultimately, involve the Master Soul.

To make this easy to understand, the Master Soul, is a light body that is said to have existed with God, in spirit. In a sense it’s God’s “right hand man” who aided in the creation of humans and the world we live in. When God created humanity, he gave a little piece of himself to his creation so that humanity would be a reflection of him. God also gave his creation free will, and humans were free to make their own choices and do as they pleased, even if God didn’t agree.

Over time, these souls became encased in their human body hosts. At one time, the souls were able to “travel” between the spirit world and the earthly plane, but when the got stuck in their bodies, they lost that ability. The only way out was death, but even then there was no guarantee they’d find their way back to the Father because they were lost.

The Master Soul begged God for his permission to return to earth, take on human form, and help led the lost flock back home. Over time The Soul has incarnated as Adam, Enoch, Hermes, Melchizedek, Joseph, Joshua, Zend, and Jesus, but there have been many others. All of them as individuals have woken up to their purpose in aiding humanity.

The book is awesome. It’s called Lives Of The Master, it was written by Glenn Sanderfur, and I recommend it-totally.

Have a wonderful evening everyone!

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