He and They

In the privacy of his own world, he played. He held on to his own little secrets, and he laughed at them. They amused him, and no matter what was going on around him, he knew he could always resort back to his inner world for peace and contentment.

Then one day, they realized they weren’t getting to him. They realized, no matter how much they pushed, and no matter how much they tried to annoy and aggravate, they just couldn’t get to him. They tried everything to. As a matter of fact, they went above and beyond. They even broke laws. It didn’t matter anymore, they were going to do whatever they had to do to invade his privacy.

He recognized this, and he thought about it. “Is the world around me that destructive,” he wondered. “Are the people around me that miserable with themselves they’re willing to break laws just to violate my privacy,” he asked himself.

Yes. The answer was yes. They were.

And he accepted this, and he put up no fight. He put up no resistance, and when they came rushing at him, he showed what he’d been hiding. It was a picture of himself from when he was a child, and they laughed with relief. Eventually, they left, and he sat there.

He sat there feeling violated. He was really upset, so upset he didn’t even want to look at himself anymore. His eyes welled with tears, and he cursed them all, and he wished a living death upon them-a curse so bad, they’d wish they were dead.

If you have to break the law to invade someone’s privacy, you lost. You’re a lesser man then he. Concede, and walk away.

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