I’m Shocked

You know, every once in a while you come across someone who’s behavior just shocks you. I’m not going to mention this scumbags full name or the online publication he claims to be the publisher of because he’s not worth the publicity or the free advertising.

What’s my problem with this guy? I’ve officially been in the “spiritual” field for the last thirteen years, and when I say the spiritual field, I mean New Age Practices, Metaphysical, and Holistic Living.

The other night I was on the computer trying to find magazines, both hard copy and online publications that I could freelance or submit articles for, and I came across a good list of about 20 sources.

To make a long story short, I’ve never, in thirteen years in this field of peace, beauty, and spiritual living ever met a mean or nasty person. The people who are in this field are usually very sincere, patient and looking for help- but this guy…

You were nasty and rude to me.

This scumbag claims his online magazine is serving the health and wellness of his local community, and his magazine is Midwest’s foremost metaphysical and holistic magazine. This piece of trash claims his magazine focuses on medicine, fitness, spiritual and personal growth.

Well, I don’t know how any of those claims could be true of anything you’re the publisher of.

All I wanted to do was tell you that I liked your magazine, and I wanted to ask you if I could submit an article, but forget it.

You’re rag mag ain’t worth wiping my ass with.

Have a good day everyone.

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