Playful, Sexual, Exploration

Hello everyone! Did you ever feel like or find yourself in a situation where you were upset and frustrated because someone just wasn’t getting it?

In all reality, you can’t blame the other person because, well, after-all, we’re not mind readers. The submissive and dominant sides of sexual relationships can be tricky, especially when the roles are switched.

Man; did you become upset at the woman in your life for wanting to take the lead during sexual play, and show a little dominance?

Woman; did you become upset at the man in your life because he wanted to submit to you during sex?

Sex involves a lot of feelings, and love and passion can be pretty powerful. There doesn’t have to be a complete and total flip-flop of sexual roles in the bedroom, but it would be nice if two people who loved one another were open to each other’s needs-without it causing resentment, hatred, or breaking up. If you’re in a relationship with someone you love and trust, you shouldn’t be afraid of opening up. You never know, the exploration and play in the bedroom could bring your relationship to a level you never imagined.

Have a kinky, blessed, and wonderful day!


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