Reducing Autism During Pregnancy

Good morning and happy Monday! Every once in while I come across an article or a piece of information that I feel is worth passing along. Recently, I picked up a copy of Natural Awakenings; it’s a Healthy Living holistic type of magazine, it’s free, and it can be found in most food stores in my area.

There was an article titled, “For a Healthy Baby, Take a Multivitamin, Exercise, and Ditch the Devices.” The title pretty much covers what the article is about, but here are the specifics;

*taking a multivitamin daily during pregnancy can reduce autism in newborns by 38%.

*woman who improved their diets and exercised regularly during pregnancy had children who were less likely to become obese.

Okay, there it is. Not one of my more lengthy articles, but you get the point. Have a great day.

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