Florida Continues Doing Right By Citizens

Last March (2020), I blogged about it. I said we should use Florida as an example because I thought they were doing a good job handling the coronavirus. They weren’t doing anything that required an advanced degree in anything-everything they did made sense.

I took those blog posts and published them in my first book so everyone would have chance to read them.

Last night I fell asleep, and when I woke up there was a press conference on television. At the bottom of the screen it said, Florida’s Governor signs “Big Tech Bill.”

I’m so proud of the State of Florida, and Governor, Ron Desantis for using common sense during the pandemic, and now, for going after the tech giants. Compared to the way the Northeast is and continues to handle the coronavirus, it appears like Florida is emerging as the real America while New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania are under communist rule.

Going back to the coronavirus is not what this article is about, it’s really about the Bill. Two weeks ago YouTube pulled my video off their platform. They said I violated their terms by giving medical misinformation, but I did not. When I submitted my request to appeal it, NO was their answer, and it was sent back immediately.

YouTube opened a platform for anyone and everyone to share ideas and speak freely. One of their issues seems to start when citizens start commenting and sharing personal opinions about stories that are features; the coronavirus, and President Trump and the Whitehouse on the 6th of January are two examples.

If an individual’s opinions are different from what the popular opinions are, and they’re different from what mainstream news is reporting, YouTube pulls them. Not fair! Not cool!

Hey Hey

Ho Ho

This censorship has got to go.

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