Amazon Still Using Psychologically Manipulative COVID Ads

Yeah, just force the people around you. Don’t even ask, just sign them up because they’ll want it. Why would you tell someone they’re killing the people around them if they don’t wear a mask or vaccinate? How could you put that guilt on someone? If you get vaccinated then you’re protecting yourself. How does you getting vaccinated protect me? If you wear a mask you’re protecting yourself. If your loved ones want to protect themselves then they can get vaccinated.

Ooh We can’t wait to see your smile. After your forced vaccine guess what? You get to take your mask off!

And lets talk about that bonus. Hourly associates employed from May 23 through July 16 full time associated get a $1000 bonus and part time employees get $500.00. All you really have to do is get vaccinated and or keep your mask. And if you’re white, you get to tell every other race how great they are and how disappointed you are to be white.

And here’s the best best best of all. Amazon cares so much about our health they have a guideline in place for those who ACTUALLY test positive for the coronavirus. They have to stay home and quarantine for 14 days, but the only person I know who tested positive came back in 4. Hmm?

And in order to get tested you have to swab your nostrils. Amazon mails the tests to a lab, and someone emails you in three days saying your either positive or negative. Really? How do we know they’re not flipping a coin? If an employer wants to see if you have marijuana in your system they can test you on the spot and WE ALL CAN SEE the results. Why such secrecy?

They want you vaccinated so bad they’ll pay you $40.00!

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