An Inside Look at How Amazon Treats Their Employees

Yesterday, I was threatened by another employee at work. She threatened me with my job when I told her I’ve chosen not to wear a mask based on new evidence suggesting mask are ineffective against the coronavirus spread.

When I went to HR to fill out an incident report, the girl said I could fill out the report, but I needed to wear a mask in the building. I said I didn’t come to you to discuss the mask I came to you for help writing an incident report. Then she asked, are you getting aggressive? I said no I’m not getting aggressive, I’m asking you to help me with the incident report. When we walked over to the room where I filled out incident reports in the past, she tried to slam the door on me. I asked her not to close the door. I want it open. I have claustrophobia.

She started crying. Hysterically crying. Then she called for Mike, and Mike brought two managers with him. They wouldn’t let me talk, they wouldn’t let me write the report, and they told me to leave the building. I told them I would leave after I wrote the report. They said no it doesn’t exist. There is no report. Then Mike told the security guard to remove me from the building. When he tried to put his hands on me I moved away and asked him not to touch me. Then they threatened me with the cops. They kept telling me I was going to get arrested and so on.

I’ve been an employee with Amazon for six months. I was never in trouble, and never written up, yet, I was fired on the spot yesterday with no warning written or verbal. The Managers and HR Staff at Amazon in Breinigsville should be ashamed of themselves for their lack of professionalism, arrogance, and mistreatment of me their employee.

Afterwards, Mike the Human Resource manager had the nerve to call me an offer a program that gives employees support with domestic issues and mental counseling.

The audacity and nerve. I’m shocked. I worked for Amazon in 2019, and again in 2020 and 2021, and I never had an issue. I worked hard everyday, and I didn’t deserve to be threatened or treated like I had a mental issue.

They surrounded me. Three managers and a security guard surrounded me, and they overpowered me verbally until I left the building. That’s what happened. The whole truth, nothing but, so help me god and Jesus.

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