Nooz Now 11/4/2021

What’s up ya’ll? How’s everyone doing?

✡ The students at George Washington University are preparing to rally on Monday in response to the desecration of a Torah that was sitting in a university fraternity house. The desecration to the Torah was the first of two incidents, the second involved a student’s Mezuzah, which was stolen from her door defaced and brought back. The students feel like it’s necessary to come together as a powerful force of love and unity in the face of hatred.

💩The news has been wild lately. I pick and chose the stories I share with all of you though, I have to because I’ve gotten so good at recognizing bullshit when I see it. And I don’t want to share bullshit.

If you haven’t had time to check out the Nooz Buffet online store, don’t forget to click the merchandise link at the top of the home page. I’m telling you, you have not seen a coffee mug of such quality. When you hold it in your hand and drink from it, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. I’ve heard feedback like “holygrail” but I’m not going to lie and tell you Jesus drank from this cup…see for yourself!

🤰 A pregnant nurse working in the behavioral unit at Orlando Health South Seminole Hospital was the victim of a surprise attack that resulted in the death of her unborn child. The nurse was eight months pregnant. The incident began when she was trying to administer medication to her patient. The patient started screaming, and another patient ran into the room and pushed her against the wall.

🔪 Mrs. Nohema Graber, 66, taught Spanish for 9 years at Fairfield High School in Iowa, but her career came to an abrupt end November 2nd. According to authorities, she was murdered by two of her students who were arrested and charged with first degree murder, and conspiracy to commit first degree murder.

🌞 How about that weather change? In Pennsylvania, it got real cold real fast. We’re definitely going to get some warmer days again before the winter arrives, but man, it’s in the low 40’s right now.

🎬 Two movies I just watched and highly recommend are, The Devil’s Triangle and 2:22. The Devil’s Triangle is a horror movie made in the 70’s. In the movie, The Devil’s Triangle is a specific and known portion of the ocean that people try to avoid because, yup you guessed it- it belongs to the devil. It’s a creepy haunting paranormal horror that reminds us of the devils greatest trick-convincing man that he doesn’t exist.

2:22 was about a guy who worked in an airport landing airplanes. This man could see patterns involving synchronicities of the zodiac and real life. Eventually, he figures out the he and two other characters keep reincarnating to play out a murder drama.

Alright my friends, I will leave with these words from Edgar Cayce,

“On nearly every subject under the sun, most men will believe almost any lie-provided it is big enough, absurd enough and is repeated often enough-and never dream of demanding proof. Likewise he will believe what he reads in the papers, and what he sees on the newscasts, as implicitly as if Moses brought them down Mount Sinai engraved on stone. He will totally accept the election promises of a demagogue. He is blindly convinced that his lawyer, his doctor, and his dentist are infallible and incorruptible. If his doctor operates for appendicitis and inadvertently leaves a gauze pad behind when he sews him up, he will obligingly die before he demands to know why the operation had not been as successful as it was cracked up to be. Apparently, only reincarnation fills him with the superstitious dread, and only when he is plagued by dread as vague as that does he insist on proof so irrefutable that not even the Mother of All Living could supply it to his satisfaction.”

Have a good night!

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