For Those Who Understand…

…let this take you further along your path, and for those who don’t, refer back when the door has been opened for you.

The Coordinates for Ophiuchus are, 17hr 00m 00s, 00 00′ 00″. Sometimes you’ll hear about Ophiuchus being the 13th sign of the zodiac, but it’s always left out of astrology. The zodiac is split evenly into 12 signs each 30 degrees. They say a 13th sign will screw everything up. They dismiss it, ignore it, and purposely leave it out, but overtime I’ve realized things aren’t suppressed for no reason.

Constellation Ophiuchus

On the left is a star map of the constellation Ophiuchus, and on the right is the compass and square, the symbol for freemasonry.

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