What Would You Do?

The title of this post is an actual question I’d like you to think about. The Twilight Zone was turned into a television series in the 80s, and it was the second episode I believe that was titled “Button Button” where a stranger wearing a suit shows up at a random home with a special box.

There’s an ordinary couple living there who seem a little squirrely to me, but that’s beside the point; Anyway, the stranger gives a box with a button inside it to the woman living in the house, and he explains to her that if she opens the box and pushes the button she’ll be given $200,000 by him, and at the same time, a random person who they don’t know will die.

She has, I think 24-hours to decide. She relays the story to her husband and they argue about it for while, but eventually, they end up pushing the button.

What would you do?

Would you press the button?

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