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Listen to this shit. Between 1966 and 2003, there was a sports doctor who worked at the University Michigan, Robert Anderson was his name. During that 37-year-period, he was accused of sexually assaulting 1,050 students during routine checkups. The University of Michigan has agreed to payout $490 million to over a 1,000 people who’ve claimed they were assault victims. That’s a lot of people! A lot of money too! Check out the story below.

So, today is the 19th of January. How is 2022 treating you so far? How are you treating yourself? Would you like a tip on how you can become a better person? Take responsibility for your actions and decisions.

Sometimes people like to use other people to justify why they do what they do. You know, like, “I couldn’t go to work today because the guy on my block is really depressed and needed someone to talk to,” and then we find out there’s nothing wrong with the guy on your block; you’re just lost and can’t figure out your own life. Don’t do that to people.


I must admit, it felt pretty darn good to be able to deliver you that breaking story about the gas station shooting. I graduated college in 2003, that almost 20 years ago, and my degree is a B.A. A Bachelor of Arts in Arts & Communication and Journalism. I’m a natural writer, and the work of a journalist is a perfect fit for my skill set, however, I never pursued a career in journalism.

When I passed that crime scene the other day, I new I couldn’t let the opportunity pass. If it wasn’t for an appointment I had at 9 o’clock, I would’ve stopped on the spot to cover it. So I went to the appointment, which lasted 20 minutes, and then I drove back.

I guess the exciting part was having an opportunity to put my training to use. Finally, after 20 years I felt like my college education was paying off. And to just go through the process of covering a story from being on scene, obtaining information, and writing it was fulfilling. That’s the word I used to describe that experience, fulfilling.

Have a wonderful evening and a blessed day tomorrow.

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