Half Request Half Complaint

We already talked about how this generation of middle school and high school’ers are missing out on the Block Buster Video experience. Ever since we started streaming and purchasing movies online, the need for brick and mortar video stores just wasn’t there any more, but it isn’t until you no longer have something that you truly understand what it meant to you.

Today’s teens are missing out on so much fun. Purchasing movies online will never replace the Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings spent roaming the video store holding hands with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Those are real memories only made possible by the in-person shopping experience.

Well, here’s another one. How about CD players in cars? Remember that? Remember when you used to drive over to the music store to pick up that new CD just released by your favorite artist? You couldn’t wait to play it in your car. And if it was the summer, forget about it. You’d be driving around with the windows down all day and night blasting it. LoL 🤣

How do you even by music anymore?

Aren’t you just sick of hearing, “everything is online.”

I wish they’d bring back the CD player option in vehicles, and as far as movies go, well, all someone has to do is open a video store, and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about. It’s nice to have the option of purchasing movies in your home without leaving, especially if it’s raining or snowing, but there’s nothing like the whole video store experience.

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