Nooz Now; Updates

⚾Ex-major league baseball player, Jeremy Giambi (brother of former New York Yankee, Jason Giambi) is dead at 47 years-old. The cause of death has been ruled a suicide.

💥According to an article published on Daily Mail dot com, Americans living in Ukraine have 48 hours to leave. If in the event, Putin decides to begin his attack, the Unites States military will not be able to rescue them.

☠Speaking of deaths, a month after dying, Bob Saget’s death is now said to have been caused by blunt trauma to the head. Apparently, they’re saying he fell, hit his head on something, and then went to sleep and died. Something doesn’t seem right there.

❤In three days it will be the day we’ve all been waiting a year for, Valentine’s Day! This year, Valentine’s Day falls on a Monday, which makes it easy to forget, which is also why I’m reminding you. Don’t forget about your loved ones.

💸Today it was reported that inflation is at 7.5%, the highest its been since 1982.

MASK MANDATES AND REQUIREMENTS: All you tyrannical mask Nazis, yeah I’m talking to you all you local businesses and places that employ Americans (the Amazons, the Targets, the Walmarts, the Hurst Publications, etc.); Even if Nancy Pelosi decided to lift the House mask mandate, she is still going to be sued for violating the United States Constitution.

We’re getting tired of that bullshit line, “We’re a private company, and wearing a mask is our policy.” You’re still violating human rights, and I hope someone sues the shit out of all of you.

In the beginning, it was agreed that if someone contracted and became sick with COVID, they would wear a mask to prevent them from spreading the virus to someone else, however, once those in power realized how hard the pushback was against wearing the mask, they forced everyone to wear it for nothing other than the humor it provided. That’s fucked up.

Normal healthy people weren’t supposed to be forced into wearing masks all day while working-sometimes 10 hours per day. We tried to tell you, but you were so sold out to the agenda. It’s unsanitary, unhealthy, and it restricts our breathing.

Link below.

Alright my friends, have a wonderful Friday!

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