Prophetic Intuition

On the coordinate plane, is a blue inverted triangle, representing water and its gift of intuition.

Inverted Triangle

At the top, on the left point it says Isis. Isis is the ancient Egyptian Goddess. At the top right point it says Isus, and it sounds just like Isis.

At the bottom point it says Jesus, to represent the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

The first two letters in Jesus, “Je,” is French, but its translation into the English language is “I”. So, if you spell Jesus with the English translation, it spells “Isus,” it sounds like Isis, but it means Jesus.

There are different offerings from prayers to different Gods. Jesus, being complete, and a perfect transfusion of man and woman, 6 and 9, yin and yang, red and blue, has his identity hidden within the ancient Egyptian Goddess, Isis.

If you say Isus, people will either think you’re talking about the Egyptian Goddess, or thanks to modern culture, some terrorist organization, but you could in fact, be referring to Jesus Christ.

The significance of this is something I’ve come to learn through my own spiritual journey. When the identity of Jesus was hidden in Isis, so were the keys to obtaining intuition and the gift of prophecy.

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