Chiron & The Bull

Looking at Chiron

In her book, The Chiron Effect, Lisa Tahir uses the keyword “Neglect” to describe the cause or source of Core Wounding for the placement of Chiron in Taurus.

Chiron spent 6 years in Taurus from April 1927-May 1933, and then again for 7 years from June 1976-June 1983.

I think Neglect is the perfect word especially for the children growing during that 1927 to 1933 period. On a socially conscious level, consider the children growing up in the United States during the collapse of the Stock Market and the great depression. I’m sure most of those childrens’ parents were completely preoccupied and consumed with the loss of their jobs, loss of income, loss of homes, and a loss of life. Their sense of security was no more. Not that parents neglected their children on purpose, but that’s what indirectly occurred due to life’s unforeseen circumstances.

Take the life of Anne Frank into consideration and the other children growing up in Nazi Germany during the reign of Hitler. Families being ripped from their homes and separated must’ve made impossible for parent’s to give their children the kind of attention they needed.

I’m a Chiron on Taurus individual, and I’ve been working on that placement for about a year or so now. Take a look at your birth chart and see where your Chiron is placed.

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