A Return to Normalcy

The place I work for finally woke up and made it optional for wearing masks, and I must say, the entire building had a completely different feel to it. Over the last two years, a countless amount of articles have been published dealing with the psychological complications of wearing masks all day, and they were either ignored, or agreed with and then ignored.

But please, let me share this with you. People were definitely happier and in a much better mood without it, and there was an overall sense of closeness. Of course, for a little while you had do a double check to make sure the person you were talking to was the one wearing the mask all this time, but there was so much to laugh about and see afterwards.

It seems like a small area when you consider how much the mask actually covered, but just seeing someone eyes created this unexplainable distance, and frankly, disregard. The mask was, and some people might not agree with this, but dehumanizing. The removal of the mask restored the care and sensitivity needed to bring a distant workforce together.

No more hiding, no more making faces at people, and no more mumbling under your breadth. We can see one another now, and this is the way it always should’ve been.

The mask was unsanitary, dirty, kept us breathing in our own exhalents (poisonous), and in the end, it didn’t even prevent us from getting sick. But we all new it wouldn’t, some people just needed the comfort.

In the beginning, the mask was suggested as a way to stop the spread of the virus if you were sick. It even came out in the Dr. Anthony Fauci emails thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, that no mask could prevent us from getting sick, but that was another thing some people chose to ignore.

Healthy people weren’t supposed to wearing masks all day, and I mentioned the reason why that happened. Once people realized and saw how hard the pushback was against wearing the mask, they forced it just for the laughter and short term pleasure it provided.

Yes, people actually rode that wave of satisfaction that came from forcing someone to do something they didn’t want to do. Terrible. And there really was no government responsible. We did it to ourselves. We forced each other. We allowed the pandemic to cause division amongst us, and the really scummy people used it for a serious overreach into other people’s lives and privacy. Terrible.

I don’t know if that can ever be repaired. Because really, the issue is twofold;

It’s unsettling to know that at least half of the people in this country will roll over and do as they’re told without investigating and looking for the truth, but it’s even more unsettling that those people out of fear, will burn up and force the people around them to follow.

Putting your head down and going to work is how we got into this mess, and to make it even worse you have the nerve to talk shit and mock the people who take time out of their busy schedules to protest. You call them rebellious and ignorant. Terrible. Shame on you coward.

I digress….

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