HUGE Astrological & Past Life Discovery!

How you all doing? I love you guys and girls. 😊

So, this is an enormous discovery of correlation!

I have a book in my possession called, Sun Signs & Past Lives: Your Souls Evolutionary Path. It was written by Bernie Ashman.

In this book, Bernie gives a thorough analysis of past life issues and the solutions for solving them in this current life. He does this by dividing each zodiac sign into 3 separate zones, each with their own unique ruler and current life theme.

For example:


First Zone: Those born between 3/21-3/30

Element: Fire

First Zone Sign Ruler: Aries

First Zone Energy Field: Cardinal

First Zone Signs: Aries + Aries=Bold Action

Second Zone: Those born between 3/31-4/9

Element: Fire

Second Zone Sign Ruler: Leo

Second Zone Energy Field: Fixed

Second Zone Signs: Aries + Leo = Creative Passion

Third Zone: Those born between 4/10-4/19

Element: Fire

Third Zone Sign Ruler: Sagittarius

Third Zone Energy Field: Mutable

Third Zone Signs: Aries + Sagittarius = Variety is the spice of life

Discovery of Correlation

Most people don’t believe in reincarnation or past lives, and even the people who do might be skeptical about the information in this book, and that’s totally understandable.


While I was reading a section of this book to learn more about someone’s past life, and at the same time, looking at their birth chart, I noticed that this person’s current life placements (Planets in the birth chart) are totally complimentary and aligned so that this person could conquer and overcome those past life issues.

In other words, the birth chart proved the information in the book! Their placements compensated for past life weaknesses, and they were given the gifts to ensure success in this lifetime!


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