Ramming Our Way In

Despite the gloomy day we just had, there’s much to celebrate today as it’s officially Spring.

Back in the day-like way back when armies had to break through fortifications to breech a castle’s grounds, they used battering rams, and if you ever saw a picture of a batter ram from the medieval era, you’ll notice the side they rammed with was shaped like a rams head-hence the name.

The mainstream astrological wheel starts a new cycle today also. The Spring Equinox, not only marks the first day of Spring, but also the sun’s entrance into the astrological sign of Aries. If you look at a chart for today, you’ll notice the sun sitting on the 0 degree, or cusp of Aries.

It’s easy to get confused at this point because Aries looks like April, and both we associate both with the Spring. The first day of Spring is not April 1st, and the beginning of Aries isn’t the beginning of April.

For everyone born on April 1st, your sun is on the 12th degree of Aries. Aries begins today in March on the 20th. So, yes, the sun will remain in Aries until the middle of April, I think the 19th to be exact.

And don’t forget, we just had a full moon on the 19th.

So that means we have the first day of Spring today as the moon wanes down bringing closure to all of our plans that took root at the beginning of March. And then we begin April, a brand-new month with a brand-new moon in Aries!

Have a blessed day tomorrow!


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