I Gotta Call Bullshit on that Kyle

As we chronicle in this issue, there’s a lot wrong with the state of the journalism job market. It still favors white, privileged, highly educated people at precisely the moment it needs to be more inclusive, given the changing demographics of the country. 

Kyle Pope

I love that I’m so drawn to articles like this, because here I am, just about 20 years out of college, holding a Bachelor of Arts, the author of two books, and I can’t even get an entry level job into field of journalism.

I clicked on the link for this article because I thought it was going to provide a little insight, instead, I get hit with the “white privilege” thing.

So, I’d really like to know where people like Kyle get their information when they make these outrageous claims. No one’s knocking my door down with a job offer.

And I say this respectfully..

I think, Kyle, belongs to a group of people in this country right now today, who are desperate for passion and emotion in their writing, but also in their lives in general, and because they don’t have it within, they make these inaccurate claims, to ride the wave of emotion generated through the reactions of people it effects.

If you know where educated white people are being favored for employment in journalism, can you point me to that direction?

The article link is below.



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