Q&A With Famous Author and Astrologer, Bernie Ashman

Recently, here on my blog, I published an article discussing a discovery I made between certain astrological birth charts I was looking at and the past life analysis’s revealed in Bernie Ashman’s book, Sun Signs and Past Lives: Your Soul’s Evolutionary Path.

I was blown away when I realized how the placements in these charts coincided with the Past Life Patterns in his book. What I saw was that these people were blessed with favorable placements, and their aspects revealed the type of energy that if properly manifested, would help them overcome these past life ruts and find success in this current lifetime.

From a more personal perspective, I displayed a past life pattern Ashman called “I Think, Therefore I Am.” In a previous life, I had issues expressing feelings. I hid behind my intellect, which offended people who wanted to know more about me. In addition, I had issues communicating directly and clearly. For those of you who purchased my book and keep up with this blog, I think you can attest to the fact that I don’t hold back. And I do believe allowing my emotion to flow freely through my writing has definitely made writing a book possible. In my chart, Saturn in the 3rd house of communication, Venus in the 9th house of higher education and philosophy, and Uranus and Neptune in the 5th house of creativity, are the key placements to overcoming those past-life issues.

Ashman’s Most Recent Release Sun Sign Karma: Resolving Past Life Patterns with Astrology

It’s the beliefs that Bernie Ashman has and the impact his book had on me that caused me to reach out to him, and after chatting back and forth for the past two days, I finally decided to ask him for an interview, and he agreed!

Without further ado..

It’s Astrologer and Author, Bernie Ashman!

Bernie Ashman, Astrologer & Author

Q&A Interview

Hosted by Francis LaManna

Host, Francis LaManna

FL:  How old were you when you first discovered astrology, and how did that happen?

Guest, Bernie Ashman

BA: I was 25 years old. This occurred in 1973. I was in a metaphysical bookstore in Atlanta, Georgia when I picked out a book called Astrology of Personality by Dane Rudhyar. I sat with the book reading it for 2 hours and I was hooked on Astrology. I bought the book and began my astrology journey.

FL:  I think I purchased your book Sun Signs & Past Lives in 2012, how many other books have you written?

BA: . I have written seven books and have written the interpretations for five astrology software programs. My first book, Astrological Games People Play was published in 1987. My second book, RoadMap to Your Future was first published in 1994. I moved to Llewellyn as my book publisher with my third book, SignMates. I have written four other books for Llewellyn, Sun Signs & Past Lives, Intuition and Your Sun Sign, How to Survive Mercury Retrograde and my most recent book release, Sun Sign Karma. I am very excited to have my books now translated into Spanish, French, Chinese, Russian and Romanian!

FL:  You’ve been studying, teaching, and practicing astrology for over 35 years; has anyone famous come to you for advice or to have their chart interpreted?

BA: . I have done some readings for politicians. A movie actress, Linda Hamilton, who played Sarah Connor in the Terminator films was given a copy of my book Astrological Games People Play by someone who was a client of mine and a close friend of Ms. Hamilton.

FL:  Astrology is a subject containing a lot of information; How have you been able to navigate through that information over the years and develop your special ways or methods of interpreting a chart?

BA: I am a self-taught astrologer but learned much from some very good astrology authors when I first got into this with a great deal of passion. My intuition blended early with my mental approach. In reading thousands of charts I have found my own style over the years. I felt like I had been an astrologer in past lives and have often thought is part of the reason astrology came easier to me.

FL:  Did you have any special mentors or teachers?

BA: I consider the astrologers who wrote books that I encountered in 1970’s mentors. This includes Isabel Hickey, Zipporah Dobyns, Dane Rudhyar, Mark Edmund Jones and Noel Tyl who began writing for my current book publisher, Llewellyn. Stephen Arroyo has done some wonderful work as has Liz Greene and Robert Hand. I have to give some credit to the pioneering psychology work of Carl Jung. He really researched astrology thoroughly and I love his work on mandalas and synchronicity which he called “meaningful coincidences”.

FL:  I know you disagree with astrologers who say we have vacant houses in our birth charts because we’ve already learned those lessons or balanced that karma in a previous lives; can you give us your opinions about vacant houses?

BA: Vacant houses or houses not occupied by a planet are still important. You can always look at the sign on a house and consider the planet in the chart ruling that sign. For instance say a person has no planets in the relationship oriented 7th house but has Scorpio as sign on 7th house. Pluto rules Scorpio. This person has Pluto conjunct the Sun in a different house. For sure balancing their power with others is important. Could be karmic issues regarding trust and possibly not having equal power in relationships. I always look at all 12 houses.

FL:  Are you familiar with Sabian Symbols?

BA: My favorite book on Sabian Symbols is An Astrological Mandala, by Dane Rudhyar. He showed how each degree of the zodiac has an archetypal  symbolism. In many ways the Sabian Symbols remind me of the I Ching. I wrote a software program called The Mandala Report where I interpreted the symbolism of each day of the year. It was released by an astrology software company called Cosmic Patterns. I find the Sabian Symbols fascinating.

FL:  Your sun is on the first degree of Sagittarius, and the Sabian Symbol for that degree is, “Retired army vets gather to reawaken old memories.”  Do you think we were old army biddies in a past life?

BA: There are many ways to interpret a Sabian Symbol. My feeling about this degree is that it reminds us to have a healthy respect for the past but not let it dictate your thinking about the present. In other words don’t dwell on past mistakes but more importantly build new understanding from the past.

FL:  You were born almost exactly 100 years after the discovery of Neptune; as someone apart of the Neptune in Libra generation, how has Neptune’s placement in your chart impacted your life?

BA: Great question. Neptune has guided me to embrace my intuition. There are times Neptune will build a new intuitive highway for us if we are open to this. In mythology this planet ruled over the oceans. The water is linked to our emotions and feelings. Neptune brought me to learn how to meditate. Staying centered is important to me. Carl Jung spoke and wrote about the collective Unconscious. Neptune can open the door for a person to tune into the archetypes and symbols that inspire us. I would not be a good astrologer without the intuitive gifts this planet has provided me. Neptune inspires idealism and escape from the norm. Neptune is linked to our dreams that come in our sleep and at times offers new insight this way.

FL:  Besides the classical “7” are there other planetary bodies that you might use in a chart for more information?

BA: I know how to interpret asteroids meaning Pallas, Juno, Vesta and Ceres. There are astrologers who use them more than I do. I have Venus in Sagittarius in my own chart. My wife has the relationship asteroid Juno in Sagittarius in 7th house in her chart. Chiron is interesting. It has been said to rule Virgo due to its health symbolism. It could just as well rule Sagittarius with its thirst for knowledge. I wrote the Simpaticos relationship written report software program that was released in 2000. In the report I interpret the Part of Fortune. This is a magical alchemy Symbol in a chart when you combine your Sun, Moon and Ascendant. It shows how you can find harmony in your creative expression. I definitely use the Nodes of the Moon, an important polarity, a type of celestial compass to point us to achieve evolutionary growth.

FL:  Me and Joe Biden have North Node on the 29th degree of Leo, what do we have in common? 

BA: The North Node in Leo for anyone means it is important to pursue goals that keep you young and vibrant. I always consider the North Node as an important pair in a chart. I believe it is a mistake to think of the North Node as good and the South Node as something to avoid. Leo is a bold fire sign. You must find the ego strength to be you without blocking the path of others. Aquarius is a mental air sign offering insight. It is true Aquarius can be too aloof. Leo and Aquarius are fixed signs meaning people want things on their own terms. The North Node in Leo stimulates to find paths that let you shine in a heartfelt way.

FL:  Is it okay to use the tropical zodiac when there’s a more precise system available, Sidereal? 

BA: I love tropical. I know the Sidereal sometimes referred to as Vedic works as well. In my past life work and getting to the roots of psychological patterns I find the tropical zodiac is the best. I will tell you something interesting about both approaches. I did some talks at an international astrology conferenced called UAC in the 1990’s that took place in Monterey, California. A man from India asked me for a reading regarding the best dates to launch a new business. Earlier that day he got a reading from a Sidereal astrologer. We gave the man the same dates! I always encourage my students to use the type of Astrology that works best in their own practice.

FL:  Placidus and Koch are two of many house systems, which do you use? 

BA: I use Placidus. It has never failed me in helping clients. I find it especially accurate in looking at current movements of planets like in transits and progressions in a person’s chart.

FL:  Your sun is in conjunction with Jupiter; how would you describe the blend of those energies?

BA: I have enjoyed my Sun conjunction with Jupiter. Keeps me thinking positive. Jupiter rules publishing and I have had great luck getting my books published. This conjunction has brought out my counseling skills over the years and inspires me to do research being in my 8th house. The 8th house can refer to bonding with others, and I believe it has brought clients to trust me. The 8th house is linked to the mysteries of life and my curiosity about them is stimulated by this conjunction. I feel like I am sensitive when my clients are going through rebirthing processes and their own inner discoveries.

FL:  I’m an Aquarius, and I’m single.  What sign will I match best with?

BA: It might come down more to finding any sign that makes a good friend as well as a lover. Aquarians believe in friendship. There needs to be a sense of remaining independent for you and someone you have as a partner. Aquarius is an air sign and you probably have a fast mind. You do need to find a partner who can communicate. I wrote a book titled SignMates for Llewellyn (published in 2000) that has gone through ten printings. I now own the rights and I’m in the process of having the book reprinted. I discuss each of the possible 78 sign combinations showing how each can work well. I discuss the issues that can arise in any sign combination and how to rise above them to achieve harmony.

FL:  I have to ask you.  I love astrology, and it would be a dream come true to be able to make a living doing something you love; how have you been able to turn your love and passion for astrology into a profitable business?

BA: It can take years to build a practice. If you keep at it and develop your skills people will want to know what you can do for them. The main thing is to enjoy the journey. When I got into astrology it was to learn more about myself. It is a powerful tool. When your passion takes over to offer your services to others it could surprise you how fast clients will come.

FL: Is there anything you would like to share with the followers of Nooz Buffet?

BA: I would encourage the followers of Nooz Buffet to stay open to new opportunities for self-growth. On my FB page recently, I wrote a Post how the universe offers little drops of Intuition to us. We live in an amazing time right now when synchronicity experiences are constantly knocking on our door. These “meaningful coincidences” like being asked to do this interview came at a great time. I just emailed Francis to tell him the universe sent him my way to help me deal with the recent death of our 20-year-old Siamese cat, Mocha. He died peacefully at home resting in his favorite spot. My wife and I had him since he was 2 months old. Mocha came to me in a Neptune magical dream three days ago and looked happy and healthy. He was telling me that he was in a better place now. Somehow answering these great questions lifted my spirits. Thank you!

I’m your host Francis LaManna, and this concludes the Nooz Buffet Q&A Interview with Astrologer and Author, Bernie Ashman. I would to thank Mr. Ashman for participating in this interview and for providing the audience here with some great insight through his answers. If you would like to learn more about Bernie Ashman, his services, and the books he wrote please click on the link below.


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