Rushing and Waiting

Coming full circle forces us to look at the root of issues so we can identify the cause. What tipped the first domino?

If I didn’t go to the party last night I wouldn’t have overslept, and if I didn’t oversleep, I wouldn’t have missed the bus.

If I didn’t miss the bus, I wouldn’t have been late for work, and If I wasn’t late for work, I wouldn’t have been written up.

If I didn’t get the write-up then I wouldn’t have had a reason to argue with my boss. And if I didn’t argue with my boss then I wouldn’t have been sent home early from work.

If I didn’t leave work early then wouldn’t have had to wait 45-minutes for the bus that missed this morning.

It interesting when you think about this because most people who work full-time are in a routine for at least five days out of the week, but one change-one single minor change, could tip off a string of events that disrupts the entire pattern. You never go out at night when you have work the next day, but you did last night.

Will you do it again?


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