April 8, 2022

Tonight’s moon πŸŒ– will be stretched out and comfortable because it will be in its natural home, Cancer β™‹.

And if you think about this for a second, and what you’re like when you’re in your home environment; then it should only make sense that some of the moon’s best qualities will be made manifest through the Cancer. Devotion, patience, and sensitivity, are the big three, but don’t forget, the moon relates to women in general and female energy.

Tonight’s Moon-Scope Reading for Everyone

We’re now almost 8 days into this new moon, which will be lit (Stay Lit-That’s my Motto) up at 46% tonight and visible with clear skies. In Cancer, the manifestation of the lunar qualities should be powerful and visible. It’s a good time to show love and demonstrate patience for the women in your life, men, and women, patience and sensitivity should be at your fingertips.

Intuition is also highlighted here. Devote some time to deep breathing meditations, or prayer for extra guidance. Your inner voice should not fail you. If you have a hunch, listen to it.

Have a wonderful evening and a blessed day tomorrow!


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