Slippery Slope With Book Banning; Wake Up Young Americans

I don’t know, I guess the “loyal to crown” state of Pennsylvania is proud because one of their school districts is leading the nation with having the most banned books?

The original article was posted on ABC 27 Dot Com, and written Lauren Rude, the link is below.

Pa. school district leads nation with most banned books: report (

The point that’s absolutely necessary to make immediately is this:

When the North American continent was overrun by Spaniards and Europeans, this is going back to before the colonization took place, the first two things they did.

  1. Slaughter the indigenous squatting population who wouldn’t follow the orders and mandates to just move on their own.
  2. Burn all their books, manuscripts and written records. Out of sight, out of mind was the theme, and this was because a new regime was coming on stage.

It is imperative that people wake up to this; if the state board of education is banning certain books in schools, then that means they’re getting the order to do so by the Federal Government.

Now here’s thing, I was a teacher. I understand what it means to teach material that’s age-appropriate and developmentally appropriate. Anyone who truly cares about children understands the importance of allowing them to grow naturally. And by naturally, I mean having the chance to form their own opinions through their own real life experiences.

I don’t really know if being the leader of banned books is something to be celebrated. Art is an expression, art has value, and it is only through art that we truly come to understand the opinions and feeling of people of the times.

Those books that are banned should be quadruple checked to make sure they’re in fact both age and developmentally appropriate, and not another attempt by the far left to censor free speech and silence writers who oppose this leftist fascist regime.

That’s what’s going on people. There’s a movement in this country to silence free thinkers and crush independent thought.

You must be cautious anytime there’s a mass movement to ban the personal expressions of people.

I mean what’s next? Burning books? That’ll take us back to the Salem Witch Trials and beyond; back to like year 1200 maybe.

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