Equality in America 2

Wow, no one participated in the poll!? Interesting. So, why does the left constantly demonstrate the behaviors they argue against? You claim to fight for equality, no labels, accept everyone, open-mindedness, and treat everyone as equals, but then you go do the same things you say are wrong. I don’t understand this. Do you argue for how you want everyone else to behave, but that doesn’t apply to you?

In Equality of America, I asked my audience to take a poll and respond to;

If a white Vice President, asked white Senators to write letters to white children, would you say that’s an example of systemic racism in our country?

Of course that hasn’t happened, are you kidding me, but the opposite has. Is it still wrong?


And they say Kamala Harris isn’t very popular amongst voters nowadays. According to Rasmussen Reports Dot Com, fifty-seven percent (56%) of voters now view the vice president unfavorably, including 47% who have a Very Unfavorable impression of her.

I wonder why.

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