I Guess Geico Just Put a Price on Our Privacy

Most people will not even care about this. Most people say “ah whatever.”

But oh my frigging God and Goddess, how many things are we going to say “ah whatever,” about?

When I first got my car insurance policy with Geico for my new car, it was 2020. The monthly bill was like $134.00. No big deal.

One of the reasons why it was that price was because somehow they scammed me into paying this Florida renter’s insurance for 12 per month. When I decided to stop paying for that unnecessary coverage, my insurance bill went up to 145.00.

And that’s where it stayed until two months ago. They raised it another $4 per month for “necessary costs.”

I paid $149 last month, and today, I received my policy renewal.

The monthly cost is now $184.00!!!!

I just called them. How the hell did my monthly payments increase by almost $40? My driving record is flawless! Aren’t we going in the wrong direction?

She said I could save $20 per month if I download the Geico Easy Driving App, but here’s the catch. Through that app, Geico knows everything you do in the car. If you tailgate, if you speed, if you break too hard, if you do anything they don’t think is safe they’ll know and it will negatively affect your Easy Driving App Score.

I can save $20 per month if I download this app, and remember to always take my phone with me when I drive so Geico can track me, because I drive without my phone, they’ll drop me from the savings program.

So, it no longer matters if you avoid getting tickets from the police, and it no longer matters if you manage to avoid getting into accidents, because Geico has their own evaluation of you.

So you decide. Is your privacy worth $20 per/month?


I know people who been in accidents and have tickets and they pay $220 per month. If I god forbid got into an accident or got a ticket, I probably wouldn’t be able to afford car insurance.

Again, I get the shit end of the stick. Well, this is the type of day its been, I mean if it wasn’t for the weather I’d be in a gray gloomy hell!

And I’m an angel.

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