Since When?

I’d like to know. Can someone please tell me why the Los Angeles Police Department, or maybe someone from the Los Angeles Police Department can write in and explain why they didn’t pick up and pursue the assault charges against Will Smith when Chris Rock refused to.

Since when is this the case?
Oh wait let me guess, that’s up to the police to decide?

Is it? So there’s a gray area there police officers can exploit and use whenever and against whomever they feel like it?

Well, if that’s the case then we can turn this episode between Rock and Smith in a positive if we learn a lesson. If we close that loophole and take that power away, then maybe we can prevent the bias treatment and racial discrimination against citizens.

I’m trying to understand this because I know for a fact that if you assault someone and the person you attack refuses to press charges against you, the police always picked up the case. And when you ask. “Why am I in trouble if the person I attacked isn’t pressing charges?”

They’ll arrogantly say with a smile no less, “They don’t have to, the state can press charges against you.”

So again, why haven’t the police pressed charges against Will Smith?

I saw members of the LA Police Department in a video on YouTube showing the public how to prevent an assault like the one between Rock and Smith.

I hope the next time someone who’s poor or doesn’t have political connections is in a situation like that, they get off as easy as Will Smith did.

I don’t know, I guess instead of doing their job, the LAPD decided to make a YouTube video?

Fucking Joke

3 thoughts on “Since When?

  1. Well, the other thing is that all those people are, quite literally, actors. If you look at the footage, you can see it was all planned and scripted out. He knew it was coming. It is a rite of passage, to be humiliated, in their religion. There’s nothing to press charges against. CR wasn’t assaulted and WS didn’t assault. They played their roles exactly how they were supposed to.

    Don’t get me wrong, I get what you’re saying, but in this particular case, there’s nothing to press charges about.

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    1. Well that’s your opinion, and if it was scripted then that would explain why Chris Rock didn’t press charges. He definitely got slapped, now weather or not that was the plan, I don’t know, but they’re selling it as real assault.


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