Moon-Scope; It’s all About You!

Sagittarius is masculine fire, and fire signs find themselves in situations where they’re able to learn lessons involving patience. Fire signs yield to their natives one of the greatest gifts of all, wisdom, but fire signs are emotionally charged. It’s hard to learn when we’re letting our emotions control us. With open arms, the Archer welcomes the Moon’s calm and patient demeanor.

Some of the Moon’s qualities could be slightly stoked, however, putting a little fire behind devotion, but not enough to make you overbearing. In Sagittarius, the Moon is devoted to exploration and seeking new ideas. There are hidden thoughts about freedom bubbling to the surface. Enough is enough, you’re finally starting to realize that you’ve been giving and sacrificing a little too much.

The key phrase for Sagittarius is, “I SEE,” and in the sign of the Archer, the Moon sees the importance of wanting and striving for more. With the directness and pin-point accuracy of the Archer, the Moon sees exactly what’s worthy and valuable, and patience may be put on the back-burner in order to seize the opportunity.

The Moon 🌖 will be in Sagittarius ♐ in the 1st House🏠 .

At 10 PM Eastern time, it will be 7 PM on the West Coast, and the Moon will hold steady on the 14th degree of Sagittarius in the First House.

The lunar qualities blend with the Archer and the energies manifest in the arena of Self-You!

The first house represents the house of self, it is your self-image, your personality, and whatever and however else you present yourself to the outside world. By nature, Sagittarius is a freedom-loving sign; the Archer is always open to finding new ideas and motivated for exploration. The natural house of Sagittarius is the 9th, and so those motivations and ambitions are directed towards long-distance traveling, higher education, and philosophical issues.

But not tonight, well, not totally because remember, there’s a blend. If we bring the themes of the 9th house into the 1st, then we understand higher education, higher ideals, and getting away and traveling to somewhere new, are all things that contribute to the self we present to the world. If you’re goal has been to look better and feel better, and you’re doing this by exercising and dieting, then you’re going to search for the people who know what they’re talking about, and you’re going to read material or watch videos that are tried and true.

This is about going beyond the average, the normal, and the every-day. You want the best for yourself because you want to present the best image of yourself to the world, and you’ll do this by finding the best sources available.

You’ve been patient and highly adaptive for a long time now, but now that the Moon is lighting up Sagittarius in your house of self, you realized you’ve lost your freedoms in the process. Sagittarius is all about freedom. You want your freedom. You need your freedom, and you will do exactly what you need to do to reclaim it.

Opportunities and ideas come to you this evening, that seem to be exactly what you’re looking for. Seize the opportunity, the moment, the time, the idea, or whatever it is because it’s for the betterment of you.

Independence! Remember your self-image depends on how you feel about yourself. The better you feel about yourself, the more confident you’ll be. The most confident people are independent people because they can take care of themselves. When you rely on others, you subject yourself to their problems, but more importantly their control. Rarely do you get what you want because there’s usually a compromise involved. Freedom is gained through independence.

Lucky numbers are 5 and 7, and Thursday is the lucky day. Thursday is the day of the Lord, the Oak King, and Jesus Christ. If you ask you will be answered, and if you seek, you shall find. Go within tonight in a moment of solitude, and ask the Lord to show you the way back to becoming your best self again.

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