Passing this Along..The Real Meaning Behind Revelations

I know many of us have had our suspicions about what’s going on in Antarctica, but I finally just heard some information that I feel is clarifying the situation.

The first thing I want to say is that if you have faith, remain faithful. If you believe in God, continue to so, and I say that because what I heard is starting to make me feel that Revelations, the last chapter in the New Testament (and most of the other potions that were left in the Bible for us to read) pertains to what’s going on in Antarctica.

In the last days there will be false prophets and people coming with all types of bullshit. They’re already here. Unfortunately, they live amongst us.

There is a race, which is more like a sprint, and it’s important for us to get our truth out there because what’s going to be revealed about Antarctica is going to turn the world on its head. In addition, it’s important for us who’ve taken a stance against the mainstream narrative to continue proving them wrong and shutting them down when they take and cherry pick original information from lower portions of our socially stratified system and present it as their own. I’ve done that with several well known people who I felt were robbing my shit off Twitter.

I began my studies on Antarctica on and off since 2009. I knew then just from looking at Google maps that the territory of Antarctica was divided up amongst the nations. Some countries owned a 10% slice, some owned 20%, etc., and I always wondered what the hell was going on there that leaders from around the world would already have a portion of something the rest of us knew nothing about.

There’s going to be a lot of false information, a lot of hacking, and a lot of fake videos all over the internet as the powers that already control the content we see attempts to further continue to control what we see and the pace at which we see it.

Just passing this along..

Whoever is exploring at Antarctica is using ways to melt the ice so they can hurry their exploration through to ice to see what’s below it. They’re blaming us and using global warming. They’re creating the story that global temperatures are rising because we abused the planet. Why? Because the sea levels are going to rise and continue rising because they’re melting the ice to explore more and deeper levels of Antarctica. Global temperatures aren’t rising, but they’re saying it is to justify the rise in sea levels.

They’ve already found tons of dead bodies on the continent that are giants with elongated skulls and humanoids. The giants they rushed to hide immediately. A while ago, Linda Moulton Howe was sharing her belief that our species began as humanoids, so there’s obviously a leak and the information is trickling down, slowly, but we’re getting it.

Coast to Coast AM reported some information on show three years ago about them finding three mother ships from other planets underneath the ice that they joke about (Not Coast to Coast joking, but the powers that be) and call the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria after the three Columbus ships that sailed here to the North American Continent in 1492.

I can’t believe I came across this information this morning because just yesterday in that post, Upon this Rock, I talked about going down and in. I wasn’t referring to Antarctica specifically, but now it does makes sense. The south pole is down, and I’m sure there’s an opening there to go in.

Kennedy’s monolithic ruthless conspiracy and the unseen enemy that has been praying on humanity, well, I just heard they found a race of beings that lived on Mars and a planet they destroyed and blew up that became the asteroid belt. That race crashed here 55,000 years ago on Antarctica before it was covered with ice. Then our earth went through an ice age and buried everything.

I’m not saying we came from or are an experiment of this race specifically, but it’s becoming obvious that we are from or created by another advanced race of beings. Nothing else makes sense. And it’s this race, whoever they are, that’s continuously trying infiltrate us and our way of life.

This at one time would’ve sounded like the babbles of a crazy person, but this is starting to become the reality. This is the real reality our mainstream news continues to cover. It’s like a joke, when they say “we’re covering the news,” because yeah, they’re covering the real news with less important or false information. If the truth came out, half the stuff that was going on today probably wouldn’t even be happening.

People have no idea how badly they’re being lied to or badly the wool is being pulled over their eyes, until they see how far behind they are on the other end. They say the left has completely lost their minds, and truthfully, a large portion of the population has lost their minds as well because that’s what happens when you’re being lied to for so long. The lines between what’s real and what’s fake are blurred.

If you’re still following the mainstream narrative, you’re being robbed and you’re robbing yourself. I’m not telling you what to do or what to believe, but there will come a time when we’re all going to have to face the truth.

Most of us pretend the lies don’t exist, and we use every excuse to do so. I have a family, I have to work, I have children, I have mortgage, but the day will come when not you because you’ll be dead and gone, but your children and their children will have none of that because you turned a blind eye to the problems today.

Please think about the future because the people who hide and delay the truth always do.

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