From The Southern Manifesto

Lately, out of frustration because of the direction I see things going in, I’ve been writing a lot about America’s Federal Government. I’ve been writing about the fact that the U.S. Constitution is actually a contract between the American citizens and its government, and it was that contract that created the Democratic Republic-the true form of what our Federal Government is.

I’ve also been writing a lot about how we are not a democracy; we have democratically elected leaders. A democracy is what our Constitutional Republic has deteriorated into, and that happened because our leaders, out of greed for power and control, refused to follow the Constitution.

The main reason why I keep bringing this up is because I see how it’s dividing the people in this great country, and I realized the answer to our problems really isn’t to abolish a start a new form, but to revive and reestablish what we already have. The Constitutional Republic is the only form of government that’s capable of delivering liberty, freedom, and the quality of life we’re supposed to be enjoying as Americans. It’s the only form capable of dealing with the diversity America has.

I know some of you already know this, some of you probably don’t care, and some of you probably think I’m lying.

Well, I just found something worth sharing.

Our elected officials realized in 1956 we were straying from our roots. The results were immediately seen. Today, the mainstream media speaks about the racial issues our country faces, and they want us to believe the answer to this problem can be solved over night. Well, it can’t. If you want things done the right way, integrating different cultures takes time.

It doesn’t, however, take long for them to divide us.

For those of us who truly understand this country, you already know the answer to this, and for those who don’t, I kindly suggest not believing everything you see on television or hear on the radio. Experience life for yourself and make your own decisions. Don’t let the system control your thinking.

Free thinking and independent thought..

I hope every one is doing well. Thank you for reading and following along, and thank you to all the new subscribers!

Have a blessed evening and a great weekend!


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