I Mean, Not That It Surprises Me

I was interested in job with PBS39. I’m always watching their YouTube documentaries, and I’m qualified.

And then, I started scrolling through the job requirements/descriptions and I see this:

“Vaccination for COVID-19 is is required to enter our offices/studio and to represent us in public.”

No thanks.

Again, if you want to get vaccinated, go ahead, but how dare you give your employees that ultimatum? How dare you not respect the personal God-given rights of individuals?

Oh, if you want to represent PBS39 in public, you have to get vaccinated?

Give me a fucking break.

That fact that you have no respect for individual choice is enough to make me not want to represent you anyway, and besides, your news doesn’t inspire or empower. It remains firm to carrying the narrative even when it no longer makes sense.

It’s too bad the U.S. is full of corporate socialism.

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