I Mean, Not That It Surprises Me

I was interested in job with PBS39. I’m always watching their YouTube documentaries, and I’m qualified.

And then, I started scrolling through the job requirements/descriptions and I see this:

“Vaccination for COVID-19 is is required to enter our offices/studio and to represent us in public.”

No thanks.

Again, if you want to get vaccinated, go ahead, but how dare you give your employees that ultimatum? How dare you not respect the personal God-given rights of individuals?

Oh, if you want to represent PBS39 in public, you have to get vaccinated?

Give me a fucking break.

That fact that you have no respect for individual choice is enough to make me not want to represent you anyway, and besides, your news doesn’t inspire or empower. It remains firm to carrying the narrative even when it no longer makes sense.

It’s too bad the U.S. is full of corporate socialism.

Hearst Magazine, One of Many

I logged onto the Hearst Media website today to find out if they’re still offering opportunities for writers and editors, and this is what I saw:

As part of its continued efforts to maintain a safe workplace for employees, Hearst Magazines requires that all employees who receive a written offer of employment on or after November 15, 2021, be fully vaccinated (as defined by the CDC) against the coronavirus by the first day of employment as a condition of employment, to the extent permitted by applicable law.

More and more places of employment are forcing vaccinations on their employees, and they’re blaming the CDC and the Federal Government.

We all know that it is NOT required by law to get vaccinated, so how are companies like Hurst Media getting away with bullying the small minority that doesn’t want to be vaccinated?

We all know that we as individuals have the final say over what goes into our bodies so why are people being forced to chose between their careers and vaccinations.

How are private companies getting away with forcing vaccinations on their emplyees?

Can someone please address this issue. How are we supposed to move forward, and pursue life liberty and happiness if we can’t get past this?

NBA Star Shunned

According to an article written on Yahoo! Sports by Chris Cwik, The Golden State Warrior’s Andrew Wiggins cannot even enter the Chase Center unless he gets vaccinated.

This decision was decided by the San Francisco Department of Public Health, and get this, they don’t care if Wiggins has a medical or religious exemption.

Again, we come to this point where the system is forcing citizens to get vaccinated. They’re not even hiding it or denying it anymore.

They’re making us chose:

No Shot/No Work

No Shot/No Money

No Shot=Outcast

The United States government was created to protect the rights/God-given rights of the individual, not tell people what to do.

If private companies are forcing citizens to get vaccinated, and they aren’t even recognizing religious or medical exemptions, then it falls on the government to protect Andrew Wiggins and the rest of the United States citizens.


Medical Tyranny Getting More Tyrannical

Even though big business and government wants the global population to think they have to get vaccinated, the truth is that we can if we want, but we do have a right and a choice to not put anything into our bodies

We’ve seen the medical tyranny in Paris where the government is now requiring vaccination passports for citizens to travel, the United States, and almost everywhere else around the world where people are being forced to chose between working, traveling, going to school, and taking the diaper off their faces and getting vaccinated.

Delta Airlines is taking tyranny to another level now-they’re changing employees on the company health plan $200.00 per month if they do not get vaccinated against COVID-19.


Remember people, it’s your body, and ultimately, your choice. We have a God-given right to protect ourselves and our bodies, and if don’t want to inject something into our bodies we don’t have to. We put a government into place to protect these rights of the individual.

Delta Airlines doesn’t seem to care about what individuals want. Delta Airlines doesn’t seem to recognize God-given rights, or just the fact in general that no reason is reason enough to infringe on the rights of citizens.

I wonder, has Obama’s socialized medical system opened the door for companies like Delta to get away with something like this?

Delta Variant-Delta Airlines? Hmmmm?