America’s 187; The Timeline for Our Rise and Fall

Don’t say no one warned you , and don’t say no one told you. Write this down, give it to your kids, and tell your kids to give it to their kids, and tell them to tell their children to give it their children.

No one knows what the powers that be, (the Illuminati) have in store for the United States. We’ll never know what they’re planning to orchestrate. They have us constantly on our heels trying to discern between truth and falsity, and real and fake.

What I did figure out, which is probably just as important, is that the United States in on a timeline.

In 1776 on July 4th, we were a new independent nation. It was the summer and Sagittarius was rising on the ascendant.

187 years later, which happens to be the penal code for murder, it was 1963. JFK was murdered at 12:30 PM. We were in the fall season in November on the 22nd. Sagittarius was on the Midheaven, which means Sagittarius was, in the bigger picture, culminating. The murder of JFK marked the culmination of the United States.

In 187 years from 1963 it will be year 2,150. It will be in the winter, and Sagittarius will be on the descendant. Sagittarius descending below the horizon into darkness and whatever events are correlated with that, will mark the death, and destruction of America.

187 years later in 2,337 AD, the focus will be on the IC or the 4th house of home and roots. It will be the spring season. The creation of a new nation will begin, and it will be another 187 year period before that nation reaches the ascendant again.

By then it will be the summer of 2,524 AD.

The United States is a story on a timeline. It has a beginning (summer 1776) a middle or climax (fall 1963) and an ending (winter 2150).

What happened prior to 1776 is not in the story, and whatever happens after 2150 wont be either.

If you want to try to understand the bigger picture of what’s going on in the world then subtract 187 from 1776. That brings us in this cycle, to the planning and creation of a new nation in the spring of 1589 AD.

This entire cycle ends in the spring of 2337 AD. We get there by adding 187 years to 2150.

It begins in the spring of 1589, and it ends in the spring of 2337; America is in the middle (summer 1776, fall 1963, and winter 2150) with spring on the ends of both sides.

It began with spring and it ends with spring. That means the beginning and end takes place at the same point. That means you end wherever you start.

As Jesus states, he’s the alpha and the omega, he’s the first and the last, he’s the beginning and the end. Jesus is the spring on both sides, he’s that area outside of your consciousness, and he’s that period of time before America began and the period of time after it ends.

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