Humble Yourself…

I’m coming home from work today and I’m driving down my street towards my house. There are guys paving a driveway probably a quarter mile away from where I live. I get in front of my house and realize they parked a truck and a trailer there taking up the entire length of the curb for two houses.

Meanwhile, there’s enough parking spots right where they’re working that aren’t in front of anyone’s house.

So, I back up in my car and say, “excuse me, who’s driving that truck?”

“What” he asked.

“Who’s driving that truck,” I repeated. “Can you back it up for me it’s taking up the entire length of two houses, and I have nowhere to park.”

“Okay! Okay, calm down” he says with that condescending attitude trying to imply that I’m the one who’s upset.

And then he has the nerve to say, “You could be a little nicer.”

How much nicer could I have been?

The nerve!

So then he repeated himself again, you could’ve been nicer. “I said I was nice,” blah blah blah and we did that dance back and forth for a little while and he walked away.

My point here is this:

You’re doing work on a quiet street that’s in a peaceful elderly neighborhood. Don’t be a fucking low-life scumbag. He should’ve apologized, and said I’m sorry sir, I didn’t realize there were all these spots right here where we’re working.

Instead, he chose to talk shit and be an instigating arrogant tough guy for absolutely no reason.

I’m tired of asking God why, and I’m tired of trying to figure people out.

I was nice, I said excuse me, and I really don’t appreciate people attacking me with “You could be nicer.”

I’m not the one who was upset, and that psychological-bullshit-condescending talk doesn’t work with me.

You’re on a residential street paving the driveway of someone’s home.

Act with a little class, I know it’s hard for you, but please try.

Maybe next time I won’t be so nice, and then you’ll see the difference.

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