Putting it Together; VEN…U.S.

VENN Diagram
Order of the Holy Wisdom
Washington Monument
Washington Monument
Priory of Sion Seal?

First, we have the landscaped Vesica Pisces or Venn Diagram. The oval, or center of the two joining circles represents the area or space that the two separate circles have in common. That’s where two things join and become one based on commonalities. Then, we place the Order of the Holy Wisdom in the center on the oval.

Next, we place the Priory of Sion 3-level-seal in the center, on top of the oval.

Then, we square the circle, and place the obelisk.

The shadow of the obelisk, depending on where the sun is, becomes a marker of time-like the big hand on a clock. The little hand is represented by the actual obelisk, that seems to always be pointing at 3 o’clock.

The U.S. because of this, is always in the third hour, and who was born at 3 o’clock? Oh, JFK was.

“A monolithic ruthless conspiracy,” according to our 35th President was the enemy of America. An obelisk is a monolith.

If I place the Venn on its side, the oval looks like an eye. There’s one circle that’s red, and there’s one circle that’s blue. When you put red and blue together, it makes purple. Purple happens to be the outer color of the oval on the symbol for the Order of the Holy Wisdom. The center of that symbol is yellow.

I mentioned in a tweet, “this is all about the Sagittarius/Gemini axis.” JFK was a Gemini, and yellow is the color for Gemini. Purple is the color for Sagittarius.

Each Zodiac sign has a Dominant Keyword. Gemini’s is “I Think.” Sagittarius’s is “I See.”

The astrological axis between Sagittarius and Gemini isn’t circular though, it’s an X. As in, Generation X. At first, Sagittarius doesn’t see because it hasn’t reached the MC, which is the highest point the sun reached during a day. So, until it reached the highest point, it can’t see, it can only think. As long as Sagittarius can’t see, Gemini wins the oppositional pull, because the signs are 180 degrees apart.

LOL, Are you following this?

Okay, on the day and at the time JFK was killed, Sagittarius was the sign on the MC, and the MC was in conjunction with the SUN. For the first time, Sagittarius had reached the highest point, while the sun was present. The sun represents the truth the light and the way. We all know when we are at the highest point, we can see everything.

The energy between Air and Fire, Intellect and Emotion, or Sagittarius and Gemini was balanced. When the energy between two polar opposites become balanced, a level of spiritual attainment within us as individuals and as humans, has been reached.

That means Sagittarius and Gemini slide together and become one based on commonalities. Something opens up..

Until you know and understand this stuff, you’re on the outside. You’re stuck in either the Red or the Blue.

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