Made Up Equation Reveals Synchronicity

Did you read my post on here a little while ago titled, “Telling it Like it is”? If you didn’t, I rewrote the end of it below:

The world’s view of you will be the one you present to it.

So, take your time. Think about it. Maybe you’ll show a little more of this and a little less of that. Maybe, you’ll hide that completely and show this instead. Shave this not that, wear these not those, and presto!

Your view of the world should NEVER be the one it presents to you.

I’m not always right, and I never claimed to be, but I have common sense. I have enough sense to know that whatever you’re showing me is exactly what you want me to see.

This isn’t your version of the world, it’s mine, and I’m telling it like it is.

Francis Joseph LaManna-“Telling It Like It IS”

When I got to the end of that post, I was playing around with the idea of an equation; something to compute our view of the world.

At first, I wrote out; Deception plus Manipulation equals Control divided by Perception.

But I realized that doesn’t make sense mathematically, or at least I didn’t think it did. After a little while, I came up with something that did make sense:

View equals Control divided Perception multiplied by the sum of Deception and Manipulation.

Greek Equivalents

Our view of the world came out to be 808. There was even a little rhyme: “Four zero four times 2, gives us an 808 view”


When I google “View 808” GUESS what came up? On February 27, 2012, Nokia unveiled their phone, the Nokia 808 Pure View!


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