Brainwashed Into Ignorance

Have you ever seen a rainbow in the sky? How about a double rainbow? I’ve seen some that were full circles around the sun, and I’ve seen single and double arcs. Some have been half of an arc, some were faded, and some were bold in color displaying beautiful colors of the light spectrum.

The rainbow is a weather phenomenon, but some cultures saw them as omens. Good or bad, some cultures perceived rainbows to be messages from the Gods, and therefore, important symbolic meaning was attached to them.

All of a sudden, the rainbow was hijacked. It was taken and used by groups of people who would rather identify themselves by who they’re sexually attracted to.

The rainbow, a beautiful wonder displayed in our skies, has not only been taken, but redefined as well.

New symbolic meaning has been nailed, hot glued, and welded to the rainbow, and popular culture has reinforced and drilled the image with it’s new meaning into the skulls of the population. People are now brainwashed; when we see a rainbow, immediately, we think of sexual preference.

I own a pair of rainbow socks, and wear them with shorts. A woman I’m friends with has several young children, and one of them said to her, “I didn’t know Frank was gay.”

Wow! Okay, so, we have a young child who has been brainwashed into associating rainbows with being gay. We can thank mainstream popular culture for that. Thank you mainstream popular culture for brainwashing us!

The kid is innocent. He didn’t do anything wrong. Out of immaturity, he just assumed I was gay because I was wearing rainbow socks. It’s not his fault, he doesn’t know any better.

Now, his mother had to explain to him the real true meaning of rainbows. She also had to explain assumptions and the complications they create, and the fact that not everyone who wears a rainbow is gay.

Boy oh boy, is that kid confused!

Thanks again mainstream popular culture!

I wasn’t bothered by the kid’s assumption, but some people would’ve been. Some people would’ve gotten in his face and said, “What? I’m not fu**ing gay!”

And you know what, those people wouldn’t be wrong. Hijacking the rainbow, and solidifying its association to being gay, has created division within our nation. When you create division, you divide. Right?

So now, people are being pushed and forced into a situation where they feel the need to defend themselves, and make it known who they’re sexually attracted to. It’s not right. I’d like to know how many people in general avoid anything and everything associated with rainbows just because they’d rather not deal with people’s assumptions or feel forced into announcing who they prefer to lay in bed with.

That’s like someone taking the color blue and cementing it as symbol representing their attraction to animals.

“This blue flag is ours, it means we have sex with animals! And we want the world to know we have sex with animals. And that’s not enough! We want the world to accept us as people who have sex with animals. And we shall have rallies and marches to let the world know we have sex with animals and our flag is blue!”

Here’s comes some guy with a blue shirt on. Mom, I didn’t know that guy fucked animals. He doesn’t son, he just likes wearing the color blue.

Do you see what you created here?

This is a little off topic, but kind of related. I just saw a post of Facebook. Putting it correctly and unbiased, it was about a young talented girl who ran track and was being recognized for her speed.

The post was submitted by All Black News dot com, and when All Black News submits posts, they’re all about recognizing people for the color of their skin first, and their actual achievements second.

And then their email address is something like support diversity @ whatever. Diversity? There is no diversity in All Black News, I mean seriously, IT’S ALL BLACK NEWS. LMAO.

I think black Americans and people like MLK fought so hard for black Americans to have rights, be free, and put an end to segregation. Well, if you’re ending segregation and shooting for integration, then All Black News is total contradiction.

I mean, think of all the ways we can be divided. Race, religion, sex, age, sexual preference, country of origin, people with disabilities, political parties, Generation X, Y and Z, etc.

Do we really need to go along with it?

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