Supporting the Child

I wonder, how many fathers who refused to pay child support and ended up in jail, did so because they were tired of giving their money to a woman who was spending 90% on herself and 10% on the child.

There are a lot of good men out here. There’s a lot of men who love and care and can relate to children better than some women.

And of course men and women should never be in that competition, but because mindless people needed to have their roles assigned and defined for them, we argue over it now.

Before I stray from the topic, let me get to the point. There needs to be some type of follow up, and the courts should be responsible for checking in and making sure child support is supporting the child and not the parent.

If the courts are there to mediate and make sure children are placed in the best possible situation, then they should go a little bit further and follow up to make sure mommy isn’t pampering herself with babies money.

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