How About That?

If you read that post, Popping the Big Question, I’d like to know what you think.

The information for that post was from Zechariah Sitchin’s book, The 12th Planet. Like he promised in the beginning of his, he was going to offer his final analysis of the discovery presented concerning human creation and origin.


I’ve read stories and articles about cloning, artificial insemination, and cross breeding experiments, but I didn’t know the extent.

And I have to be honest, as I’m sitting here this morning thinking about what I read and wrote last night, I’m looking at the entire situation in different ways.

Let’s begin with planet earth. Apparently, earth was a planet that formed millions of years ago, and without any visitors or outside disturbances, there seems to be a very specific course our planet would have taken concerning evolution.

Homo erectus was the product of evolution, it was an ape-like person that was friendly and protective of the animals on this planet. It just amazes me as I look at that picture from the outside.

Here’s planet earth with it’s own thing going on. What would earth be like without any involvement from the outside?

And you know what? I wonder what the future destiny for Homo erectus would’ve been. As the product of evolution, how far would the species have evolved?

Would it eventually have evolved into a species smart enough to travel in space? I’d really like to know how far the natural process of evolution would’ve taken earth and its creatures.

So, a planet containing an advanced civilization sent its astronauts to earth, and the end result was our creation. Are we really the product of god’s experiment, the genetic manipulation of Homo erectus? That’s wild!

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