Maintaining a Sense of Self

I always say that I love the uniqueness of the individual, and that’s because I do. Everyone is different, and because everyone is different, it’s important for me to always maintain my sense of self.

Some of us would rather not admit it, but we do learn from one another. We learn from the people we meet, and all the experiences we have. Every person I meet and every new experience I have is an opportunity for me to grow and change. Growth and change are good, and I do believe the idea is to grown and change into a better version of yourself, not become the other. It’s good to respect and appreciate the other, but you should want to be appreciated and respected as well.

Sometimes the attitudes, moods, and personalities of those around us can have an immediate impact on us, so much so, that we emulate the moods and behavior of the other. This is never a good thing.

If you, at some point realized, this is happening to you, then that’s a step in the right direction. You’ll never be able to change anything about yourself until you’re conscious of it. If you realized that you’ve become or have always been the type of person who’s affected by the moods and attitudes of others, and would like to change that, you can.

You can absolutely change and become completely unaffected by those around you as long as you’re prepared to deal with yourself and the part of your personality that has been causing you to act in such a way.

  1. Rediscover and maintain your sense of self. You either lost your sense of self at some point, or you’ve failed to establish yourself as an individual.
  2. Everyday when you wake up, remind yourself that you’re an independent person, and you’re free to be, to go, to say, to feel, and to act however you wish.
  3. Remind yourself, we’re all different. People need you to be yourself, and more importantly, you need you to be yourself.
  4. It’s absolutely necessary for you to discover something that makes you happy, and something you find joy in. You must figure out what’s important to you, what it is you care about, and what you love. This is the basis of your individuality, and what you’ll strive to maintain and protect when everything around you falls apart.

I hope you find this list helpful. This is a topic of tremendous depth, but I think this is a good start. The most important thing you already discovered, you want to be and maintain yourself in the company of whoever you’re around; unaffected and unchangeable.

Enjoy your day!

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