Funding an Expedition

I can’t believe all this stuff that is and has been going on for a long time now down at Antarctica. We absolutely need to fun an expedition, that’s for the people and by the people. This way, at least by the time mainstream media gets their hands on it, we’ll already know the truth.

I’ve heard that Antarctica could possibly be Atlantis. I’ve heard massive extraterrestrial ships are buried under ice, they’re finding skeletal remains of 12 foot humans, they’re finding wooly mammoths, pyramids just like Egypt, supposedly there are 91 active volcanos beneath the ice, and this list goes on and on and on.

I’ve also heard, for the longest time now, that the world map we’ve been shown was done on purpose. The correct version of the world is map that depicts Antarctica at the center, with North and South America and Canada, and Europe and Africa situated around the edges. When the world is looked at this way, it shows that there is only one ocean/sea. This breaks down so many walls causing division.

The answers to the questions we seek, including our origin, could possibly be waiting for us in Antarctica.

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