Fantastic 4; It’s an Anniversary Celebration!

I think the best way to start this post is by saying thank you! September is our anniversary month here at Nooz Buffet, and September of 2022 marks our 4-year anniversary. Yes, it has been 4 years since our humble beginning on WordPress, and this will be our 5th September since 2018.

I started this blog before I began writing books, and I’m glad I did. Nooz Buffet has provided me an outlet for self-expression and a platform from which I can speak, and I truly enjoy being apart of the WP Community. I’ve met wonderful people and talented artists over the years, and I’ve even maintained a real-life relationship with some of my followers. 👍💙

Photo by Inga Seliverstova on

Since 2018, our following has grown, and as a result, visits, likes, and views have been on a slow and steady incline. January, February, March, and April of this year were record breaking months for us and that, I owe to all of you!

On an international level, I’d like to recognize India, South Africa, United Kingdom, and Malaysia. Thank you!

I love all of you, and I appreciate your support. Thank you for visiting and following Nooz Buffet!

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