As the weather breaks,
and the scythe takes,
Let's see what this harvest makes.

Under pressure but alert as my body aches,
I'm up late and stay awake to catch these dirty snakes.

I have stake in the game, 
I put a stake in my claim,
I put nine in a frame,
And said no, I'm not the same.

I was built for the one, but I run the four-hunnit',
My life was never over, I just had to go and hunt it.
Still, I'm not quite there, but I'm looking at the summit,
And I'm not stopping-if the world ends and the stocks plummet;

Oh well. 

When it was hard to breath, I was given a life savor,
A life that's saved lives right to return the favor.
Thank you. 

Wax on wax off with the moons' phases,
There's a flow to keep when the sky changes.
Old Secrets-they survive on through the ages,
I treat my past like a scrap book and turn the pages.

Into this harvest I'll be grim like reaper,
My inner sun shines as the planets say to keep her. 

I guess it's time for me tighten up my belt,
Gods activating asteroids and Hera made her presence felt.
Her diadem shines as I watch the iron melt,
And the owl sees my card while I fold on the hand that's dealt. 

I'm excited man,
There's lead in the frying pan. 
It's God's plan.
Bear witness..

As the weather gets cold,
There's no limit for the heat old lions hold.
Originality breaks the mold.  

Let us reap!

Let us keep,
Our harvest and pursue transformation,
Through the darkness of February,
The month of Purification.


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